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Did you know???

On average, Wade's serves...

  • 17,000 guests per week
  • 250 gallons of tea per day (We serve about 80,000 gallons per year)
  • 3500 homemade yeast rolls per day
  • 9500 gallons of homemade cornbread dressing per year (304,000 servings)
  • 5500 pounds of turkey for Thanksgiving week alone!

Each year, we prepare...

  • Nearly 150,000 pounds of chicken (most of this was our fried chicken: 52,000 pounds of chicken breasts, 28,000 pounds of legs, 11,500 pounds of wings, and 1800 pounds of thighs).
  • 98,000 pounds of turkey for our Turkey and Dressing fans!
  • 96,500 pounds of fresh potatoes for creamed potatoes and potato salad
  • 170,000 pounds of green beans and 108,900 pounds of sweet potatoes

Number of calls to our menu-line

  • We have 14,599 calls to our menu line each month on average. This is about 479 calls per day!

Try our puzzle...

Wade’s Trivia Questions

+ What business did Wade and Betty Lindsey buy in 1947 that eventually was renamed and became Wade’s?

+ In the early 1950’s, before Wade’s was called “Wade’s Restaurant”, it was called “Wade’s _ _ _- _ -_ _ _”.

+ What business had an operation center across form the original wooden building that Wade’s started in?

+ What business was located across the street from the cinder block building and provided a faithful customer base for many years?

+ What was the popular “non-alcoholic” drink made with 7-up, orange juice and a splash of cherry juice called? (Wade’s sold tons of these back in the 1960’s.)

+ What type of service did Wade’s offer in the 60’s that we no longer offer?

+ In the 50’s and 60’s, Wade Lindsey pulled a food wagon through Draper Corporation twice a day and sold food items to the workers. What did they call this wagon and why did they call it this?

+ What was the last name of the founders of Wade’s - Wade and Betty?

+ Where was Betty Lindsey from?

+ In the 60’s, there was a gas station on either side of Wade’s. What were they?

+ For years there was a mural on the wall of the old Wade’s on South Pine Street. What was the basic scenery of this mural?

+ What did Wade’s have inside the building in the 60’s that was popular to put a nickel in and play?

+ What beverage did Wade’s sell that we stopped selling in 1977? Can you name some brands that were popular that you don’t see much anymore?

+ What are these 3 popular items that Wade’s used to sell, but are no longer on the menu?

  1. H__M C__ __ B

    __O__ R____ST __ __ __ F

  2. SL__ __ E __ __ __ SA__ __D__ __ __H

+ What is our current Wade’s logo fashioned after?

+ Finish these Wade’s advertising slogans that have been used in the past.

  1. When You’re Hungry For ___________ !

    INVADE ________ (was a bumper sticker for years)

  2. Downright ___________ Good!

+ How long has Wade’s been around since March 2011?

If you have an old picture or story about Wade’s that you would like to share with us, please give us a call at 864-585-3177, send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or mail it to 964 South Pine Street. We love to hear stories about Wade’s from our long time friends!