Serving Up Great Food, and a Smile

In 1995, Wade’s posted its first billboard, featuring a hand-drawn green bean with the headline, ‘“Bean” Me Up Scottie!’

Little did we know that this ad was the beginning of what would become Wade’s next claim to fame in Spartanburg: a light-hearted billboard campaign with puns based on vegetables or other food items. Slogans like “Earvis has left the building…and gone to Wade’s!” with an ear of corn dressed as Elvis, and “We come in PEAS” with a group of alien-looking creatures standing in front of their “Pea Pod”-shaped spaceship, entertained Spartanburg residents for 22 years.

Adults and children alike submitted ideas, which were featured on billboards throughout town and on posters inside of the restaurant. Little did we know that for more than two decades, our billboards would become more than an advertising campaign. For us, they became a special way to bring a smile to the faces of the many people in Spartanburg that passed by them. In a sense, we feel that these billboards positively impacted the community through humor.

The billboard campaign ended in Spring of 2017 in order for us to focus our efforts in more tangible ways to support the community. However, our mission to delight guests will never cease, and we plan to continue bringing smiles to the faces of Spartanburg residents for years to come. Thank you, Spartanburg, for embracing our billboard campaign for so long. We’ve had a lot of fun!

Now we invite you to take a walk down memory lane and look at all our past billboards on this page. You're sure to have a chuckle at some of the classics that were posted along the way.


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