Holiday Season 2020

Things will be a little different this year. Please read below for frequently asked questions about cook-at-home items for the holidays!

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Updated Info Below for the Christmas Season.



Are you having a holiday pick up line this year? 

Due to Covid restrictions, we will be unable to have the Holiday Pick Up Line where we walk guests down the line to pick up items. However our ToGo area will have all your favorite frozen food available for pick up, no pre-order needed. Just come to ToGo and get what you need from our freezer cases. Our frozen items will last 6 months if stored properly in the freezer. We will also have perishable items available for pick up in ToGo December 23 and 24.


If I want to feed my family at home on Christmas, what do you recommend?

We recommend our frozen food items! You can pick up our frozen food sides now in our ToGo area! If you are looking for items that are not frozen like green beans, potato salad, sweet tea gallons and apple pie these will be available the week of Thanksgiving in our ToGo area, while supplies last.


If I am feeding a large group of 25 - 125 in the weeks leading up to Christmas, who do I need to speak to?

Ask to speak to our BULK ORDER SPECIALIST to learn more! December 11th is the deadline for placing a hot & ready bulk order to pick up between December 12 - 24. NO bulk orders can be picked up on Christmas Day and there is a 25 person minimum (5qt minimum) for orders picked up Christmas week. We offer bulk boxed lunch options in addition to bulk pans! Due to the high volume of requests for hot & ready food that we experience during the Christmas season, we cannot take call-in orders for hot pints, quarts or sliced meats after December 11th.


What if I am looking for perishable items to serve at home for the holidays such as green beans, a gallon of tea, potato salad or an apple pie?

Perishable items will be available December 23 & 24 from our ToGo area. No pre-order needed just come to ToGo to get what you need. All products for the holidays are while supplies last. We cannot reserve or guarantee items.


Can I order hot pints, quarts or sliced meats in the weeks leading up to Christmas?

Due to the high volume of requests for hot & ready food that we experience during the holiday season, we cannot take call-in orders for hot pints, quarts or sliced meats after December 11th. If you are feeding less than 25 people, check out our frozen food options that you can take home today then prepare at home on Christmas Day!


Can you guarantee or reserve items for me?

NO. All items are while supplies last! 


What size dish should I use for my frozen sides?

We recommend an 8x8 Corningware or Pyrex casserole dish for 1-2 quart of food and 9x13 for 2-3 quarts.


Will you offer a pre-packaged turkey breast this year?

Yes! We will have our all white meat, boneless turkey breast available for pick up starting December 14th in our ToGo area. This pre-packaged Butterball Boneless Turkey Breast will average about 3lbs and will serve 10-12 people. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!


Do you use press turkey meat?

NO, we use whole boneless turkey.


Will you offer a pre-packaged sliced ham this year? 

No. We will not be offering a pre-packaged sliced ham like in years past due to Covid supply issues. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Will you have COLD green beans available?

COLD green beans will be available for purchase from ToGo December 23 & 24.


Can I freeze my turkey?

Turkey can be frozen however we do not recommend it. It diminishes the texture!


Can I freeze green beans?

NO! You should never freeze our green beans. Freezing these items will diminish the taste and quality of the product.


How long will my frozen food last?

6 MONTHS is our recommendation if stored properly in the freezer. Expiration dates are on each frozen food package.


How long will my gallon of tea last?

If properly refrigerated, at least 4 days after purchase.


How do I thaw my frozen food?

We recommend thawing your frozen food quart containers in the refrigerator for 24 - 48 hours prior to cooking. Or you can use our quick thaw method. See our cooking instructions to learn more or go to our Frozen Foods page to see an instructional video.


Can I purchase a boil-in-bag product?

We no longer carry that product. We only have frozen quarts available.


Do you put onions in your dressing?


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