Homemade Holiday Meals, Without The Hassle

Save time and reduce stress by letting Wade’s provide all the fixins for your holiday meal! Macaroni & Cheese, Cornbread Dressing, Yeast Rolls and more. Same recipes and quality ingredients that you have been enjoying at Wade’s for years packaged to store in your freezer (or refrigerator) until the holidays. All you have to do is follow the simple cooking instructions! We do all the work, you can take all the credit. We won’t tell if you don’t!

Our HOLIDAY PICK UP LINE is the fastest, most convenient way to get your Wade’s holiday items. NO PRE-ORDER NEEDED! All of the Frozen Food items & refrigerated Holiday Specialty items listed in our HOLIDAY MEAL GUIDE (CLICK BUTTON BELOW) will be available for pick up in our Express dining area in the convenient Holiday Pick Up Line on select day of each holiday week. Our friendly staff will assist you down the line with picking out the perfect holiday meal that your whole family will enjoy! Many of our items are frozen, so please allow time for your purchased items to thaw properly before heating or cooking. 



Holiday Pick Up Line Hours



Monday, Nov. 25 - Wednesday, Nov. 27

11am - 7pm



Monday, Dec. 23…..11am - 6pm

Tuesday, Dec. 24…..11am - 2pm




We can not guarantee or reserve items so please be mindful and get to the line earlier rather than later!


Frequently Asked Questions

What size dish should I use for my Cook-at-home sides?

We recommend an 8x8 Corningware or Pyrex casserole dish for 1-2 quart of food and 9x13 for 2-3 quarts.

How do I thaw my frozen food?

We recommend thawing your frozen food quart containers in the refrigerator for 24 - 48 hours prior to cooking. Or you can use our quick thaw method. See our Cooking Instructions to learn more or go to our Frozen Foods page to see an instructional video.

Can I freeze my turkey, ham and green beans?

NOT RECOMMENDED. Freezing these items will diminish the taste and quality of the product.

How long will my frozen food last?

MONTHS if stored properly in the freezer. Expiration dates are on each Frozen Food package.

How long will my gallon of tea last?

Keep refrigerated up to 4 days after purchase.

Is the turkey that I can pick up in the Holiday Pick Up Line all white meat?

YES! And boneless.

Do you use press turkey meat?

NO, we use whole boneless turkey & ham.

Can I purchase a boil-in-bag product?

We no longer carry that product. We only have frozen quarts available.

Do you put onions in your dressing?


I am interested in placing an advance order for hot & ready food for a large group during the holidays, what do I do?

Advance hot & ready food orders for groups of 15 - 125 are considered "Bulk Orders". Please visit our Bulk Orders page to learn more about what we offer and the guidelines we have in place specifically during the holdays for advance large groups orders.


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