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Dine-In & Takeout
Monday 10:45a-8:30p
Tuesday 10:45a-8:30p
Wednesday 10:45a-8:30p
Thursday 10:45a-8:30p
Friday 10:45a-8:30p
Saturday 10:45a-8:30p
Sunday 10:45a-3:00p
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Welcome to Wades Restaurant
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Welcome to our little slice of the internet! Wade's is all about delicious "Southern Cooked Meats and Vegetables" served by our friendly wait staff or from our efficient take-out area. We've been doing Southern Cooking since 1947 and we're proud of our reputation!

Our Mission statement is:

"To DELIGHT GUESTS so they can't wait to come back BECAUSE OF WHAT I DO."

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@WadesRestaurant Eating some meatloaf and veggies from Wade's.

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@himanshujainon @JebBush @WadesRestaurant Oh look another Nazi lover

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