Our Journey from Groceries to Greens...

Let's take a trip down memory lane to see how this meat n' three restaurant became a Spartanburg landmark!




Wade's Restaurant was founded on March 6, 1947 by Wade and Betty Lindsey when they purchased a small grocery store on South Pine Street in Spartanburg, SC called Mrs. May’s Grocery.


In addition to selling groceries, there was also a small lunch counter where hot dogs, sandwiches and soup were sold to the workers from Draper Corporation and Duke Power. The workers began asking Mrs. Betty if she would expand the grocery's lunch counter menu to offer hot, home-cooked meals. Betty agreed and began serving her family's recipes of southern-style meats and vegetables.


As business grew, Betty and Wade moved from the one room grocery store into a newly constructed cinder block building. Around this time Wade began preparing his delicious Pork Bar-B-Q over hickory wood everyday.



In the early days there was no choice of what you got on your plate. Betty would prepare plates each day and set them on the counter for customers to pick up. Every plate was the same. The workers would simply come by at lunch and select one of the pre-prepared home-cooked meals -- they knew it would be delicious!


As business continued to grow, the bustling cinder block restaurant on South Pine Street was enlarged to accommodate the growing number of regular Wade’s patrons. 


During the 50's & 60's, Wade’s was a typical drive-in restaurant where in addition to inside seating, customers were also served in their cars by "Curb Hops”.



On October 12, 1970 Betty Lindsey was taken from us way to soon due to cancer. While she is not physically with us in the kitchen each day, her delicious family recipes are still served at the restaurant in honor of her!


After "Pop" Wade's retirement Wade Jr. (aka "Hamp") and Carole, son and daughter of Wade & Betty Lindsey, took over the operation of Wade's. Immediately, they began to re-focus the direction of the restaurant from a drive-in that sold beer to a more family-oriented meat n' three.


It wasn't long after Hamp and Carole took over that the now familiar Wade's logo was created! The logo was designed to resemble a Wade's Yeast Roll. Before Wade’s was known for its veggies, it was the homemade Yeast Rolls that people talked most about. To this day, Wade’s produces 3,500 of it’s famous Yeast Rolls by hand each day.



By the early 1980’s Wade’s was becoming known as the place to bring the whole family for a great meal at a reasonable price. In the 80's we also served breakfast!


College Night was the first official Wade's promotion. Every Tuesday Night students from local colleges (especially Converse and Wofford) would descend on Wade’s for a home-cooked meal at a cost of $2 per plate!


A second Wade's location was opened in the Pinewood Shopping Center just 3 miles north on the same street as the original Wade’s. It was an immediate success!


After much consideration, it became evident that the best business decision would be to close the smaller original Wade's location and concentrate on operating the larger Pinewood Shopping Center restaurant location, which was busting at the seams!



With the new larger location Wade's was growing by leaps and bounds. It was at this time Wade’s began using the slogan "Have You Had Your Veggies Today?".


To advertise around Spartanburg, Wade's put up a comical billboard with the slogan “Bean Me Up Scottie" featuring a cartoonish Star Trek-themed Green Bean. Little did we know that this was the beginning of what would become Wade’s next claim to fame in Spartanburg -- a humorous billboard campaign featuring your favorite Wade's food!


March of this year Wade’s celebrated 50 years in business! Fortunately Wade Lindsey was still with us to celebrate this milestone but sadly in July of 1997 Wade "Pop" Lindsey passed away at age 87. But there's satisfaction in knowing he was able to watch the business he started grow into a Spartanburg landmark.



After graduating Wofford College, Pop Wade's grandson, Wade III, joined the team as a manager! We know Pop is very proud to see the third generation joining the family business.


Wade's was voted Best Family Restaurant in Southern Living’s Reader Choice Awards beating out Paula Deen’s Lady and Sons in Savannah, GA.



Wade's took home a record-breaking SIX awards in the Herald-Journal's 2017 Best Of The Best Spartanburg contest!


After 22 years, the iconic billboard campaign ended in order to focus efforts in more tangible ways in the Spartanburg community.


Wade's celebrated 70 YEARS in business!


Wade's took home a record-breaking EIGHT awards in the Herald-Journal's 2018 Best Of The Best Spartanburg contest!


WE DID IT AGAIN! Wade's took home EIGHT awards in the Herald-Journal's 2019 Best Of The Best Spartanburg contest for the second year in a row.


Through the years our customers have continued to remind us that the reason they visit Wade's so often is the friendliness of the staff, the speed of service and the quality and taste of the food. We look forward to serving Spartanburg for the next 70 years!



After graduating Wofford College, Pop Wade's grandson, Wade III, joined the team as a manager! We know Pop is very proud to see the third generation joining the family business.

Our Famous Billboards

In 1995, Wade’s posted its first billboard, featuring a hand-drawn green bean with the headline, "'Bean' Me Up Scottie!" Little did we know that this ad was the beginning of what would become Wade’s next claim to fame in Spartanburg: a light-hearted billboard campaign with puns based on vegetables or other food items, which entertained Spartanburg residents for 22 years.

60 Years
A-Brand New Ear!
Amelia EARhart
Apple Cobbler
April Fools
Babe Root
Baked Ham
Batham v Superham
Bean me up Scottie
Bean Franklin
The Beetles
Cluck Dynasty
Collared Greens
Comfort Food
Corn in The USA
Corn to be Wild
Creamed Corn
Divas Live
Do you ear what I ear
Easter Legs
English Peas
Extreme Bakeover
Field Peas
Forever and allwades
Fork Awakens
Frankly My Dear
Fried Chicken
George Squashington
Go Green
Ham I Am
Ham Radio
Hey Macaroni
Ho Ho Ho
Honor Roll
Hot Apple Pie
I think I Yam
Two Peas in Ipod
Its all about Carrots
Jive Turkey
Jolly Ole St. Chick
Just Chew It
Lettuce Give Thanks
Liberty Bell
Little Drummer Boy
Mary Had a Little Ham
Meal or no meal
Navy Beans
No place like homemade
Okra says
Pea wee football
Peach music
Peas man
Peas on earth
Poll beans
Prom Bean
Rockin roll
Seasonings greetings
Starch Madness
Statue of LiberTea
Steamed Cabbage
String Bean
Sweat Pea
Team dressing
Tweet potato
We come in peas
We hire the best of the bunch
William Mcgirt
Wonderful loaf
Yam Newton
Aim To Peas
Bean Crosby
C Food
Couch Potato
Cuke I am your father
Do the mashed potato
Ear Factor
Frozen Veggies
Grilled Chicken
Jeet Yet
Jingle Bells
Livon Vedge
Meal Any Yum
Roll Model
Uncle Sam
Wadey Bunch
Youre fried
Who let the veggies out?
Yam Session

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