Wade’s serves food the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. We believe in passing down recipes through the generations, and in making food with the highest quality ingredients. We don’t take short-cuts.

Food - Corn Muffins and Yeast Rolls

freshly baked bread

Our cornbread and yeast rolls are hand-cut and hand-mixed in our kitchen every day, all day. We only serve the freshest bread to our guests, period.

Food - Fried Chicken Homemade

Hand-Breaded Chicken

Our fried chicken is award-winning for a reason. We use fresh, never frozen, chicken. It is hand-breaded and fried to golden-brown perfection.

Food - Greens and Black Eyed Peas


Our dishes are made from scratch in our own kitchen by people who care about quality. Our Southern-style veggies are seasoned to perfection and are from family recipes that have stood the test of time.



Food - Turkey Family Meal

Turkey with all the Fixins

Did you know that our Turkey and Dressing Plate is our #1 SELLER? Baked and sliced fresh daily, our turkey is served with a hearty portion of our famous cornbread dressing then topped with our delicious homemade gravy! And we didn’t stop there…the Turkey and Dressing Plate comes with a traditional side of cranberry! This is truly a unique Southern dish that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Food - Handmade Bread

Made by Hand Every Day

At Wades, we take pride in making delicious, quality meals from scratch.  We use family recipes passed down through the generations, and we never cut corners. How do we do it? Our team strives for excellence every day they walk thru the doors, period.

Food - Tea cup


There is nothing instant about our tea. Teabags are steeped in hot water, just like you would make it at home. And every Sweet Tea at Wade's is served over our crave-able crushed ice then topped with our trademark freshly sliced lemon. Available by the glass or the gallon!

Food - Chocolate Pie


Like everything on our menu, we don't sell it if it doesn't meet our high standards. So whether you choose one of our made-from-scratch pies, a freshly baked cobbler, or dish of our famous banana pudding -- you can rest assured that it is homemade, and it is delicious.

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