Cool Carrot

Cool Carrot

Public Relations

Yo, dude! My name's Tony Carrot, but my friends just call me "Cool". Cool Carrot, that's me. I got that nickname because I'm in a cool business. I handle public relations (you know, "PR" in the biz) for Wade's.

The job comes naturally. I come from a long line of movie stars and ad execs, and we have deep roots (get it?) in the food industry. You can find us on V-8 juice cans, salad labels and even in some soup. Hey, one of my best friends is Carrot Top's agent. Not only that, but I know you've see my cousin, Danny, in all the Bugs Bunny cartoons. He still gets royalties for coming up with "What's up, Doc?"

I really dig my gig here at Wade's. I'm the one who takes all your comments and suggestions.

Hey, have your machine call my machine and we'll do lunch. Later, man.

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