Kernel Huskerman

Kernel Huskerman

Quality Control

Hello. My name is Kernel Huskerman. My job is Quality Control at Wade's. I make sure that the food is prepared just the way you like it and that your service and surroundings are the finest in the business.

I began my career in the South Carolina cornfields. Most of my youth was spent basking in the sun, growing on the stalk with my brothers and sisters. We all enjoyed the careful attention of the farmer and particularly liked the occasional days of warm rain. And the nights were full of excitement too! We watched with awe (and a little fear) as the deer and raccoons browsed through the field in the full moon. We grew fast on the stalk, and soon the time came for us to seek our fortunes.

You can find my relatives everywhere, in goulash, stew and even bread! We're known as the "cream of the crop" (some of us literally), and everybody loves our firm and juicy flavor.

Please enjoy yourself while you're here and be sure to let me know if I can do anything to improve your stay.

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