Mater D

Mater D


Hi! I'm Mater D and your host while you're at Wade's. It's my job to make sure you enjoy your stay and that everything is "just right" while you're here.

I began my career in the fertile farm lands of South Carolina, a tiny seed planted carefully in rich soil. I sprouted into a fine young tomato, attached firmly to the healthy plant that supported me and my brothers and sisters. Those were special times in the warm Carolina sun. We all grew up fast and healthy, enjoying the loving attention of the farmer and frolicking on the vine as young, carefree tomatoes. Then, suddenly, we were ripe and ready to meet the world.

We all went our separate ways, but we still keep in touch. Several of my brothers made it big in the sandwich business while most of my sisters pursued a career in stew. I even have some relatives in the canning industry. Whatever our path, we're all known as the best in the tomato game. Everybody enjoys our freshness and flavor.

Me, I ended up here at Wade's Restaurant...the "big time". I enjoy my work, and I'll see to it that you leave here happy and you'll want to some back soon.

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